Missed the informational webinar? Here’s a recording.

December 5, 2016

How much will be awarded to solutions in Fresno and in Long Beach? What is the range of each grant? Are we required to address every design principle? When will winners be announced?

These were some of the questions we answered during the Just Transit informational webinar held on December 1. In addition, we discussed eligibility requirements and challenge criteria. We also had the opportunity to listen to Antonio Diaz, Organizational Director at PODER and a winner of Just Transit San Francisco. According to Antonio, a solution should build on an organization’s strengths, be grounded in the community, and address the issue of equity.

To watch a recording of the Just Transit informational webinar and to learn more about how you can submit a winning application, follow this link. Download a copy of the slideshow here.

Just Transit is a community challenge that will award a total of $400,000 to innovative solutions that decrease transportation emissions and increase equitable access to reliable mobility options in Fresno and Long Beach. Apply by December 16, 2016 for a chance to win.

For questions and for application support, reach out to our team at info@justtransit.org.

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