Van Y Vienen








Electric Ridesharing for Rural Communities

Van Y Vienen (They Come and Go) is one of the nation’s first electric vehicle ridesharing programs for rural communities. The innovative program offers two farming communities a much-needed new mode of transportation to increase access to opportunity and basic services, without compromising local air quality or community health. The electric-powered vanpool fills a critical gap in transportation options while simultaneously reducing car trips, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and improving air quality.

The project was developed in partnership between the The Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability and  Green CommuterWorking with the communities, the program builds off the ad hoc carpool system designed by the communities to help each other reach essential goods and services. Van Y Vienen not only provides a much needed service to the rural unincorporated communities of Cantua Creek and El Porvernir but also serves asa model for rural communities throughout the state and across the nation. With lots of interest from other rural communities, The Leadership Counsel and Green Commuter are  looking to expand the program throughout the San Joaquin Valley.