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Since launching in 2015, we’ve awarded over $600,000 to passionate social entrepreneurs, transit professionals and community activists working to make their cities better places to live and work. To date, we’ve invested in nine creative projects that combine inspiring visions with practical solutions to make transportation more sustainable and equitable in three cities across California: Fresno, Long Beach and San Francisco.




This sprawling Central Valley city has grown quickly in the last several decades. A former agricultural town, California’s fifth largest city is now a massive regional hub. Fresno’s rapid growth has stretched the city’s public transportation system, particularly in suburban and rural areas, where access to consistent and reliable public transit is needed most.

Just Transit’s Fresno winners are working to address these challenges through alternative transport awareness campaigns, ride-sharing programs, and data-driven improvements to transit systems.




Situated in the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan region, this fast-growing city offers multimodal transportation to help people get where they need to go. However, access to the transportations system can prove difficult off of the major bus routes or near Metro stops.

Just Transit’s Long Beach winners are developing creative solutions to increase multimodal transportation options across the city’s diverse neighborhoods, to help make Long Beach a regional leader in public transit.




With a unique urban and physical geography, getting across this sprawling city is no simple feat. Faced with these challenges, many Bay Area residents end up driving in single-rider cars rather than relying on public transit, making transportation the single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the Bay Area.

Just Transit’s San Francisco winners found ways to optimize the existing public transit system, while adding more transportation options to historically underserved communities.