Prize Application



In order to be considered for the Just Transit Challenge Prize, entrants and their solutions must meet certain predetermined eligibility and criteria requirements, as outlined below. Once all eligible entries have been received, the panel of judges and the challenge administrator will evaluate each entry against all other eligible entries and in accordance with the challenge criteria. Winners will be selected based on the overall quality of their submission and relevant expertise.


Just Transit 2018 Application Questions


Just Transit aims to reduce emissions from transportation while making transportation options more equitable for low-income and disadvantaged communities. Winning applicants receive grant funding to help translate their ideas into action.

In your application, please respond to the questions below to submit your innovative solution to transform transportation in the City of Los Angeles or in one or more of the adjacent communities of Huntington Park, South Gate, Lynwood, and Compton. Applications must be received by 11:59 PM PDT on Friday, September 7, 2018 to be considered for judging. Please email if you require any technical assistance.

A. Applicant Information

  1. Who is the primary applicant and with which organization is the individual affiliated? Please include the individual’s name, title, and contact information.
  2. Who are the other team members and what are their organizational affiliations?
  3. Please provide brief bios for each team member.

B. The Solution (500 words or less)

Please address as many of the questions below as possible in describing your proposed project:

  1. What is your proposed solution? What problem is it addressing?
  2. What existing initiatives or infrastructure in Los Angeles or the adjacent communities does your solution build upon?
  3. How will you implement your idea?
  4. What are your long-term goals?
  5. What short-term steps will you take to reach your longer-term goals? What is your timeline for achieving those short-term steps?
  6. How will you measure success?
  7. What financial resources are needed to implement your idea (i.e., what is the project’s budget)? (Please note we request that you include a budget for the project as a separate Excel file attachment. Please provide only basic budget information in your narrative.)
  8. Beyond funding, what additional resources, if any, will you need to implement your idea?
  9. Who is essential to implement this project? Please name key stakeholders and why they are necessary, e.g., local government, community organizations, nonprofit groups, etc.

C. Projected impact (500 words or less)

Please address as many of the questions below as possible in describing your anticipated impact:

  1. How will your idea reduce transportation emissions? If you’re able to estimate the projected emissions reduction, please document what your numbers are based on.
  2. Where will you implement your idea within the City of Los Angeles, Huntington Park, South Gate, Lynwood, or Compton? What neighborhood(s) will be served by your solution?
  3. How will your idea increase access to or improve transportation options for low-income or disadvantaged communities?
  4. How many people do you project will benefit from your idea within its first year of implementation?
  5. How will the cost and quality of transportation options be affected? Please document what your numbers are based on.
  6. Does your solution increase access to shared and/or human-powered transportation options? If so, please briefly describe how.

D. Feasibility (300 words or less)

What challenges, if any, do you anticipate encountering in implementing your solution? How do you plan to address those challenges?

E. Partnerships (200 words or less)

Please list the organizations or companies you will partner with to implement your idea and describe the role each will play. (Please note partners cannot be from the oil and gas industries.)

In addition to uploading your application, please upload the following attachments:

  1. Please attach a budget for your project as an Excel file.
  2. If applicable, attach a letter of support in PDF format from an executive at an organization needed to implement this plan. (You may also attach multiple letters of support if desired, but they must all be submitted as one PDF.)
  3. We also welcome letters of support from any additional key stakeholders.


We want your ideas to make transit better for everyone.




Entrants must:

  • Agree to all legal terms and conditions, including the requirement that solutions are accessible to the public
  • Be affiliated with an organization that can legally receive unrestricted grant funding
  • Meet all submission deadlines, including submitting a completed application form by the noted deadline


Solutions must:

  • Include a detailed implementation plan articulating how the solution will be deployed
  • Reduce oil and natural gas usage
  • Implement the proposed solution locally in Los Angeles



The Solution should:

  • Clearly reflect the design principles
  • Have a clear implementation plan, outlining any other resources, partners or relationships to be leveraged
  • Have the potential to reduce emissions with any assumptions well documented
  • Have the potential to reduce cost and travel time with any assumptions well documented
  • Promote access to shared and/or human-powered transit
  • Provide equitable access to a diverse range of stakeholders—including underserved communities