California Leads the Nation

November 16, 2016

California’s climate change policies and emissions standards lead the nation. Our transit system is an integral part of our continued success. How will your solution empower more people while emitting fewer greenhouse gases?

For decades, California has wrestled with how to deal with greenhouse gas emissions. The California Air Resources Board, founded in 1967, has the national standard for curbing air pollution. In 2006, the state of California set an ambitious target of lowering emissions to 1990-levels by 2020. Recently, the State senate voted to reduce emissions 40% below 1990-levels by 2030. This is an ambitious, but essential step to take to combat climate change and its effects across the Golden State.

California leads the nation in emission standards, thanks in part to its proactive citizenry, municipalities, state legislators and governors. As its populations continues to increase, emissions will continue to be a major issue across the state. Climate change caused by these emissions remains a real concern across the world, but in the Central Valley or coastal California, for instance, the results of a warming planet will be felt most tangibly.

Hoping its impact will inspire other state governments to adopt similarly stricter emissions laws, California continues to pursue bold solutions to curb emissions throughout the state. In support of this, Just Transit awarded three innovative solutions in San Francisco in 2015.

To build on this, we seek your help and expertise in securing a low-pollution future. Your emission-reducing solution could not only win this year’s Just Transit challenge, but could help frame and guide policy on the state- and national- level.

Up to $400,000 in grant funding will be awarded to solutions that will decrease transportation emissions and increase equitable access to reliable mobility options in Fresno and Long Beach, California. 

Just Transit is currently open for applications. The deadline to submit is December 16, 2016. If you are considering submitting a solution but have reservations or questions, please email to arrange a time to speak with a member of the challenge team.

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