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Just Transit is a community challenge with a simple goal: reduce emissions while making transportation options more equitable.

Cities are changing. Communities are growing, but the density of those communities varies from concentrated urban growth to suburban expansion. Mobility options are increasing, but so are the questions and tradeoffs that city officials, urban planners, local nonprofits and entrepreneurs are facing:

  • How do you build smarter transit routes while ensuring equitable access to diverse and wide-reaching communities?
  • How can you keep up with new technologies and mobility options like electric vehicles and ride-sharing, and determine which are the right ones for the future of your community?
  • How do we maintain livable communities where human-powered transportation is accessible and appealing for all?


In 2015, the Just Transit Challenge focused on some of these questions in San Francisco, mobilizing an established but disconnected network of transportation solutions to design the future of transit in the city, and to do so with innovative partnerships and a commitment to implement the solutions within two-years. In 2017, we brought the Just Transit Challenge to Fresno and Long Beach. This year, the Just Transit Challenge is designed to discover innovative solutions in Los Angeles because we believe that everyone should get around town efficiently, that transit systems should work effectively, and that clean air should be accessible by all.


While we carefully consider all ideas, the best ones will keep the following principles in mind:



Los Angeles is massive, diverse, and vibrant – and home to a host of transportation challenges, including poor air quality, world-famous traffic, and declining public transit ridership. But LA is also home to a suite of sustainable transportation initiatives and a motivated, creative community of people working across neighborhoods and sectors to improve transportation for all Angelenos.

This year, Just Transit is seeking emission-reducing, equitable transportation solutions within the City of Los Angeles and the adjacent communities of Huntington Park, South Gate, Lynwood, and Compton that build on LA’s existing initiatives and infrastructure, and specifically benefit dually designated Disadvantaged Communities (as defined by SB 535) and Low-Income Communities (as defined by AB 1550). (For a map of communities with this joint designation, visit the California Air Resources Board’s site here.) Just Transit is open to projects that will benefit one or more disadvantaged, low-income neighborhood, as well as citywide or multi-city projects that will benefit numerous underserved communities in the eligible cities.

Preference will be given to projects that align with or bolster ongoing transportation improvement initiatives including, but not limited to, Vision Zero, BlueLA, bikesharing (e.g., Metro Bike Share), and the transportation components of the Sustainable City pLAn. We are seeking on-the-ground, community-based projects that will make public transit, other forms of shared mobility, and human-powered transportation (e.g., biking and walking) more accessible, affordable, and appealing. All projects should be designed to result in tangible outcomes within two years.

Information on eligibility and selection criteria can be found here. Please also see our FAQs for additional insight into Just Transit.




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