The Ticket to Smarter Transportation is in your hands

Clean transportation projects for communities across America.

Meet the Winners

An initiative hosted by The 11th Hour Project

It’s time for transit the community can trust. How will you make our cities cleaner and more connected?

Now more than ever, Fresno and Long Beach need solutions for affordable, accessible, and greener ways of getting around to meet their commuter’s ever-evolving needs. We invite you to come along for the ride.

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Planning for Growth

Fresno downtown skyline view with a clear blue sky in the background.
Fresno is experiencing its highest growth rate in years. As this central Californian city expands, the needs of residents everywhere from its downtown hub to its rural outskirts are changing. Here’s your chance to make Fresno more interconnected, reduce its carbon footprint, and ensure nobody is left behind.


Time for a Transit Refresh

Panorama of City of Long Beach, California
A concentrated urban community south of Downtown Los Angeles, Long Beach has its fair share of mobility options. But as the city’s infrastructure ages, alternatives are crucial. Take this opportunity to revitalize Long Beach’s transit system and create eco-friendly choices that are as diverse as the communities it’s home to.